Posted by: thebearclub | March 3, 2009

Tag ‘N’ Tell Bears

TBC Launches Tag ‘n’ Tell

Tag 'n' Tell
February will see the launch of Tag ‘n’ Tell, a community release programme from The Bear Club.

Giving Old Bears a New Lease of Life

Starting in February, the TBC Team will begin to release groups of teddy bears in different towns around the world – each one with pre-registered TBC membership and wearing a Tag ‘n’ Tell label containing details of how to start blogging on The Bear Club.

Where Do These Teddies Come From?

The Bear Club has already started collecting unwanted teddy bears – via donations, charity shops, jumble sales, car boot sales, etc – ready for release.

Where Will These ‘Releases’ Take Place?

Groups of teddy bears will be released in all sorts of places – on park benches, in cafes, train stations, town centres – and in countries all around the world. Bears will also be sent to children’s hospitals, community projects and charities. The first series of releases from mid February will take place in the UK (Derbyshire, West Midlands & Cornwall), Taiwan and the Dominican Republic (keep an eye on News & Events for further details).

If I find a Tag ‘n’ Tell Teddy, What Do I Do?

Attached to every teddy bear you’ll find an identity label which contains instructions of what to do next and how to add your first blog on The Bear Club. Your new teddy is pre-registered as a member on TBC and even has a profile photo already on. Just log in with the username and password provided and start blogging. Oh, and yes…. the teddy bear is now yours to keep forever (if you choose).  If you decide to just ‘foster’ the bear for a while, we can email you a Re-Release Label when you’re ready to put him back in to the wild.

Do You Have Any Unwanted Teddy Bears?

If you have unwanted teddy bears to send us to tag and release, then please contact us at

Want to Tag ‘n’ Tell & Release Some Bears Yourself?

You can buy TBC Tag ‘n’ Tell Identity Labels by Clicking Here so you can start releasing teddies yourself.

Was This Campaign Inspired by the Message of Hope from Secretary of State for Teddy Bears Tat?

Yes. Lets give old bears a new lease of life.


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